Teaching Philosophy

“We the great and small

    Stand in a star

       And blaze a trail of desire”

                             - Carly Simon

Purpose of Education/Goals for Student Learning

I believe that a propitious classroom is one where the students, the teacher, and the community work in close partnership to ensure the best for all. Creating global citizens who are self-aware is my fundamental goal as an educator. It is my absolute conviction that through community partnerships and cooperative education, students can develop a deeper understanding of the practicality of the curriculum in a real-world setting. 

Enactment of Goals

I consider the development of creativity in our youth to be at the heart of a modern education. Students need to develop their imagination and creativity, and their critical thinking in order to gain a better understanding of the societal realities that surround them. I believe in a setting where the student is at the centre of my pedagogy and collaboration reigns above all. 

Assessment of Goals

I believe it is important for students to reflect on their work as much as possible in order to develop their sense of self-awareness. However, I consider summative assessments as a crucial part of students’ learning, as it enables both teacher and student to have a clear picture of their educational progression. It is equally important for students to self-assess their strengths and challenges. The goal of teaching, in my opinion, is not to cover/transfer material, but to instill the love of learning and convey the necessary tools for students to become as independent as possible. 

Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

It is well-known that everyone learns differently. I believe it is our duty, as educators, to foster a classroom environment where everyone is respected, welcomed, and celebrated. Through the use of the Universal Design for Learning, it is my duty to adapt my lesson plans to meet the needs of every student in my classroom. I consider open discussions and group activities to be opportune times to share and collaborate, bringing together various learning styles and perspectives. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                EPP: 4A